Our Why

"What did you learn today?"

We couldn't help but ask.

"I've learnt that I have to be patient. That mummy and grandpa need time to learn to be more loving. Meanwhile, I can learn to love myself," said the little girl.

We hope to support individuals and families so that they can thrive by equipping them with ways to collectively heal from their past baggage, engage in affirmative interactions and to better support one another especially amidst challenges.

Why Work With Us?

It’s amazing what happens for you and your loved ones when you combine....

+ Rapid Transformational Therapy: A modality developed by world renowned therapist, Marisa Peer, that enables you not only to communicate with your subconscious mind but also directly accessing and fixing whatever blockages there may be

+ Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Model: A scientifically validated framework for action used in over 150 countries blending robust psychometrics, neuroscience and real world practicality

+ Happy For No Reason: An approach developed by New York Times best-selling author and transformational expert, Marci Schimoff, with book sales of more than 14 million copies worldwide including Chicken Soup for The Soul Series and Love For No Reason

+ WildFit: A revolutionary approach to fitness and health through a deep understanding of nutrition,  evolutionary science and health psychology

+ More than 20 years of collective experience in resilience building and crisis management 

into an intense and intentional practice in your life. When you work with us, you get one integrated approach for deep, rapid, lasting transformation that creates measurable success in your life that includes both achievement and satisfaction.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Affirmative Couples 

Deep Insights for 

Happier Lasting 


We believe that affirmative couples form the bedrock of any family. Gain perceptivity into the "invisible" barriers that dampens your relationships. Learn valuable insights to harness your strengths and raise competencies to connect deeper with yourself and others.  

Affirmative Couples Resilience Package

An insightful 2h session to empower couples to explore their strengths, life journey and possible areas of growth.

By the end of the session, you would

+ gain an overview of each other's coping skills and how to better support one another

+ learn tools for greater emotional resilience

+ set the stage for effective communication to manage future challenges

+  each receive a personalised emotional intelligence development report for further reflection and long term transformation

Investment: $550


Affirmative Couples Retreat Package

A meaningful exploratory half day session (or 6x1h sessions) where you deep dive into powerful insights about each other to create and maintain lasting, happier and supportive relationships.


By the end of the session, you would

+ gain a strong level of understanding on each other's strengths, emotional competencies and patterns

+ learn and practice tools that can bridge disagreements and challenging conversations

+ recognise past baggage, manage expectations and learn the concept of Love For No Reason

+ greater appreciation of what each other bring to the relationship

+ be better able to support each other effectively and maintain deep connections

Investment: $2400

Image by Robert Collins

Affirmative Youths

Deep Insights For  Resilience and 

Enhanced Performance

Youths can be underperforming even when they are high-achievers. They may have over-relied on their IQ, family support or even luck, leaving them vulnerable in the long run. 

How can we avoid burnout and possible behavioural problems in our youths by working on the blind-spots?

Affirmative Youth Life Audit Package

Work with us to gain accurate assessments on how your child is coping in various areas such as personal achievement, self-efficacy, good health, relationship quality and life satisfaction.

Optimise their resilience, decision making skills and drive.

Investment: $880

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Affirmative Families

Enhancing Family

We believe in providing families with tools and support so that they can build a strong foundation of trust, love and affirmative action.


Affirmative Family Coaching Package

Engage in an active 6-session process to examine the factors that enable you and your family to rise above adversities and crisp.

At the end of these 6 sessions, you and your family will learn how an optimised framework can help you exponentially connect, engage, support and be supported.  

Investment: $2400

Love Yourself

Affirmative Singles

Enhancing Self-Love

Being single may be the best time for you to work on yourself. Gift yourself with affirmative support, healing and growth that you so deserve.

Affirmative Singles Coaching Program

Start on a journey to understand your inner workings and heal your inner child. Learn to love yourself wholeheartedly. Reframe limiting beliefs, patterns and triggers that you've developed both consciously and subconsciously. Begin to truly give and receive love in healthy ways.

Investment: $2400

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