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Affirmative Singles

Regardless of whether you are still recovering from divorce, past breakups and rejections or simply taking time out to work on yourself, start on a journey to love yourself wholeheartedly. Understand your inner workings and heal your inner child. 

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Affirmative Singles Discovery

Deep Insights for Resilient Relationships

[2 Hours, USD298]

 You perceive events through the lens of past experiences and beliefs.  Affirmative Singles Discovery is an insightful session to empower yourself to explore strengths, life journey and possible areas of growth. Learn valuable insights to harness your strengths and raise competencies to connect deeper with yourself and others.

By the end of the session, you would:

+ Gain an overview of your coping skills

+ Learn tools for greater emotional resilience

+ Set the stage for effective communication to manage future challenges with others

+ Receive a personalised emotional intelligence development report for further reflection and long term transformation

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Affirmative Singles Deep Dive

Deep Insights for Resilient Relationships

[By Invite Only]

Deeply meaningful exploratory sessions where you deep dive into powerful insights about yourself to truly give and receive love in healthy ways.

By the end of the session, you would:

+ Reframe limiting beliefs, patterns and triggers that you've developed both consciously and subconsciously

+ Recognise past baggage, manage expectations and learn the concept of Love for No Reason

+ Gain clarity on your non-negotiables and what you desire

+ Learn to form connections and reach out to others effectively

Be With People Who Help Your Being


We bring a collection of modalities and practical knowledge to life into the most effective applications for your utmost benefit. We believe in being client centric. Our coaching program will bring you a sense of wholeness where you integrate emotional, mental and physical aspects of your well-being into balance.

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