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Have you ever felt overwhelmed or confused by the advice given on diets and health? Perhaps you already know what is good for you but you find it challenging to make health optimising choices? You may have paid for several programs or products that did not provide sustained improvements in your health. You may even be close to giving up and resigning to fate (or your supposed DNA make-up). It may also be that it is the first time that you are finally focused on improving your health outcomes. Nevertheless, you are at a stage in your life where you understand the value of health. You never want to be a burden and you wish to invest time and energy to work on what is most important to you.  

Your transformation is at the heart of what we do and we can do it, together. Work with experts who truly care; it is time to regain your health and live in possibilities simply by rediscovering yourself and bringing yourself into balance. Work with us to dramatically and naturally transform to a stronger better happier redefined you.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Deep Dives

Affirmative Fitness Experience

[2 Hours, SGD250]

 Start your longevity and fitness journey in a safe and private space with the guidance of an affirmative coach.

Our deep dive fitness experience is for you to:

+ Engage in optimised exercise to efficiently strengthen your muscles and overall fitness

+ Discover your minimum effective dose

+ Train your major lower and upper muscle groups i.e. legs, back and chest 

+ Learn the right way to work out and minimise injury through concepts such as form, breathing pattern and tempo

+ Analyse your exercise routine to calculate strength of your muscles i.e. power to weight ratio

Affirmative Fitness Experience + Insights

[2Hours + 3 Hours, SGD1240]

A specially designed session for you to explore where you stand and begin your transformation in a better informed way about your health and fitness trajectory.


+ Includes gold standard accuracy DEXA scan, VO2Max and Resting Metabolic Rate worth SGD$667

+ Personalised insights on how to take control of your health, fitness and longevity based on critical biomarkers such as your body fat percentage and body composition

+ Review your health strategies to optimise your health

+ Distinguish between a reactive and proactive approach to health and fitness

+ Start to harness data through both diagnostics and body intuition

Affirmative Fitness Experience + Insight
Affirmative Fitness Intensives

Surfing Possibilities

Affirmative Fitness Intensives

[3 Months or 6 Months Package]

+ Gain at least 25% more strength

+ Build 1-2kg muscle mass

+ Lose 1-2kg fat 

+ Explore how you can better nourish your body and mind

+ Unravel limiting beliefs and insecurities that greatly impact your health 

+ Uncover beliefs that influence your health trajectory

+ Explore your circle of control, decision making and drive for long term health transformation and results

+ Gain deeper understanding on your relationship with food

+ Improve physiological resilience and behavioural flexibility

Woman Working Out
Affirmative Health Breakthroughs
Image by Alexandra Tran

Creating Breakthroughs

Affirmative Health Breakthroughs

[6 Months Coaching, By Invite Only]

We coach people who are committed to play full out to exponentially improve their quality of life and achieve breakthroughs in their health goals.


We coach people who are ready to take charge of their health. They want to be in balance mentally, physically and emotionally. They understand the value of life. They go for the most effective ways seeking the best people to support them on their journey while navigating the health maze in peace and confidence.


Let us support you as you reframe limiting beliefs and navigate unresolved issues that are hindering your recovery or breakthroughs. Navigate emotions for greater balance, better decisions and cultivation of healthy behavioural patterns. We look forward to guiding you to optimise your health through nutrition, rest, movement and play. Regain your balance and experience your health breakthroughs with us in a sustainable intuitively ingrained way.

Check out some of our customised programs here:

Thriving Despite Dementia

"Health is the ultimate expression of love." - Coach Dean Ng 


We are at the forefront of redefining aging, transforming health institutions and shaping the medicine of tomorrow. We bring a collection of modalities and practical knowledge to life into the most effective applications for your utmost benefit. We believe in being client centric. Our coaching program will bring you a sense of wholeness where you integrate emotional, mental and physical aspects of your well-being into balance.

Our Chief Optimism Officer, Dean Ng, specialises in nutrition, play and movement. Having served the Singapore Police Force for over 20 years, she now leads the SUSS Gerontology Student and Alumni Committee. Our Chief Emotions Officer, Juliana Johan, is a trained Gerontologist and she believes that humanity is about supporting others to surf possibilities in their lives.

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