Flash Reflex (FRX) sessions train our body for quicker and better reaction towards external stimuli or messages. Using light logic and data analytics, it enhances neuromuscular and cognitive efficiency resulting in a more focused mind and exceptional agility.


Flash Reflex Training

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Are we the right fit?

We work with clients who understand the value of an alert mind and body. They are looking for fun yet effective method to enhance their muscle mass, fitness level, stamina and cognition. More specifically, our clients are looking for heart-centred coaches whom they can trust to provide them with a non-judgmental safe space to support them on their health and fitness journey. 

The People We Transform

Are You Working On Any of These?

Neurological therapy

Functional fitness

Agility issues

Anaerobic threshold


Cardiovascular endurance


Team work



Decision making



Muscle mass

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Wide Ranging Issues

Weight Issues








Spatial awareness

Reaction time



High cholesterol

And others..

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Your Transformations

Be Ready to Get Amazed

Discover how movement and play can enhance your quality of life and improve your daily living.

Learn how to focus and direct your attention to the relevant cues while dismissing the irrelevant ones.

Train your brain to make decisive, life saving response within split seconds.

Harness the power of your memory system in the most efficient way possible and think strategically on the go. 

How We Do It
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An Impactful 45 Min

Flash Reflex Training

Each session is customised according to individual needs and abilities. We create a motivating and safe environment for our clients and support those who want to enhance their physical and cognitive health. Using data analytics and light logic visual cue aids that not only help elite athletes excel in their sport, it also enable us to effectively perform our day to day tasks and movement that life has in store for us. By utilising a range of predictable and unpredictable activities, the brain learns to perform at its optimal regardless of intense pressure or limited time.

Your Coach



Dean Ng

FRX Trainer, Transformational Health

and Award Winning WildFit® Coach

Hi! I believe in the importance of creating safe spaces for others. I listen and provide support so that you can achieve your health goals at a sustainable pace that you are comfortable with. Let me guide you to move and thrive the way your body intended you to be so that you can achieve an enhanced quality of life. Read more about me here or book a session and see how rapidly you can transform. Let's have some fun together :)  

"I stop my cholesterol pills. The pills from my doctor is having side effect causing my 'CK' muscle enzyme to shoot up hence whole body muscle ache so I never take. My cholesterol reading now is better than when I was taking the pill. I also lost 15kg naturally following the program with Dean. My doctor commented he has never seen anyone's reading improve so fast and so drastic without medicine."

Kelvin Tan, Singapore