"Health is the ultimate expression of love." - Dean Ng 

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Generation School
A 2-Day Truly Active Silver Camp

Generation School (G-School)” is an experimental program to create a TRULY ACTIVE ‘School’ for our silver generation and older adults. In being truly active, one achieves a state of mind and body that is both receiving and contributing to a community and self. G-School is conducted and curated by The Affirmative People  & Forest School Singapore (FSS).


The program will be done with the rhythm of Forest School from FSS and the expertise of Gerontology from The Affirmative People. We believe that our silver generation would absolutely grow in leaps and bounds from this experience. 

Intended Outcomes

  • Increased Physical Strength & Physical Competency

  • Raised Youthfulness of the Mind & Spirit through Nature

  • Contributing Wisdom & Experience to a Community

  • Fun & Enjoyment in Play

  • Reframing the Journey of Aging
    – From passive to active
    – From restrictive to potential

The Schedule & Flow of the Camp (Coming Soon)

Details of the Program

Date: 19 - 20 July 2022 (2-day camp)

Time: 8.30am to 11.30am

Location: Dairy Farm Nature Park (Meet @ Carpark A)

Age Group: 50 years and up

Max Capacity: 15 pax

Preparation: Gears & Attire

Conducted by

19th July 2022: Coach Darren and Coach Zoe (FSS)

20th July 2022: Coach Dean and Coach Juliana (The Affirmative People)

SGD150/pax (Special Social Payment Option are available for those with financial challenges)

Camp Fee