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The first sale is always internal. Challenge your beliefs and address the mental barriers that held you back. End the struggle with resistance, distractions, overwhelm, excuses or limiting beliefs. Build your momentum, gain clarity in your decision making and power up your energy. It is time to make your moves, experience your performance breakthroughs and live in possibilities by focusing on who you are and effectively expand the edge of your potential. Work with us to dramatically and naturally transform to a soul inspired you that is making a difference in this world.


Open Navigation

Affirmative Discovery

[2 Hours, USD298]

The best athletes hire coaches to win. Entrepreneurship is tough. Get a coach and empower yourself to stop revolving and truly evolve. In this discovery coaching session, uncover insights about your focus, decision making and drive for long term transformation and results.

Open Navigation is for you if you:

+ Understand the deep value of insights, interwork and confidence

+ Are ready to review your journey and blindspots

+ Aspire for abundance

+ Yearn for more energy, optimised health and wellbeing

+ Seek support and greater clarity in your vision and direction

Open Navigation
Deep Dives

Deep Dives

Affirmative Intensives


Deep dives are meant for people of action. Take a deep dive, discover strategies and exponentially transform yourself.

+ Amplify your message

+ Mindset and beliefs

+ Emotional balance and empowerment

Elegant Businesswoman
Smiling Businessman

Surfing Possibilities

Affirmative Coaching

[6 Months]

This option is by invite only

Surfing Possibilities

Amazing things happen when we combine the best of tools that leverage on emotional intelligence, neuroscience, gerontology and resilience into an integrated approach.


"I want to thank Juliana from the bottom of my heart! The way she offered me the chance of reflecting, evaluating and thinking deeper is something special. She's saved a life. Our sessions have given me a new perspective of my way of life, new thoughts and emotions to work with during one of the worst moments of my life, and the potential to grow, heal and change what should have changed a long time ago. She's made me face my reality and my decisions and given me the valuable guiding light in weird and dark times. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!"

Resmeldt Uusen Rain

Life Artist and Author, Estonia

​"I had a session with Juliana and found her to be both extremely knowledgeable and very compassionate as she gently probed issues that arose. I could feel her care and concern as she led me through the steps necessary to uncover the core issues blocking abundance in my life. I felt completely supported by her through the process, which allowed me to explore issues from my past in a new light. The followup recording she sent is very soothing and easy to follow into a deep sleep, where my subconscious can process the new directions. I feel much lighter, as if a great burden has been lifted."


Linda Ellie

Author and Globetrotter

"I was feeling very stressful, having dark thoughts crossing my mind and feeling anxious not knowing if my new business is going to be successful. One session with Juliana, and I feel the complete opposite. I feel lighter, more grounded and connected, more trusting the universe that it will all work out for the best. Every time a dark thought wants to enter my mind, it is as if small white clouds are just snapping them before they can rest in my mind. Juliana’s compassion together with the safe space she creates is key to getting to the deepest parts of my unconscious to unlock and unblock the limiting beliefs that are holding me back. Her support and understanding are crucial to go into this process with an open mind. Thank you!"


Yasmina Fadli 

CEO & Sales Strategist at Corporate Game Changers, Belgium


"Juliana has amazing listening skills. Her ability to relax my nervous system and decipher what I experienced in my life was surprising for me to embrace my best self, the self I tend to hide came at a perfect time in my journey to heal. Thank you so much Juliana, your voice and words give me comfort and strength. "


Lisa Cantu King 

Consultant, San Diego

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