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"An unexamined life is not worth living." - Socrates 

AW Collection

The Affirmative Life Review

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Are we the right fit?

Do you take charge by going for regular medical checkups or financial reviews?


Do you feel that you have a lot to be grateful for but still feel that something is missing or that you might not be at your optimal?


Or do you just want to invest in your personal growth and learning because you know of its incredible returns? 

We work with clients who would like to undertake a powerful exploration of various aspects of life. Our clients are ready to go deeper into examining the competencies and factors that greatly influence their life outcomes. They understand the life-changing roles of clarity, direction and vision.


More specifically, our clients are looking for heart-centred therapeutic coaches whom they can trust to provide them with a non-judgmental safe space to support them on their journey to greater life satisfaction and achievement. 

The People We Transform
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What Do We Measure

Robust Psychometrics Meet Neuroscience

Simple enough to get you started and sophisticated enough to drive long term transformation. We not only give you meaningful feedback but a comprehensive framework for action that has real world practicality and global relevance. The Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Assessment (SEI®)  is best-in-class and used in over 150 countries for a broad range of training, coaching, selection, and development needs in orgs from FedEx to Qatar Airways to the U.N. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the data in the report is extremely powerful.

It includes a measure of 4 key success outcomes, your strengths and also areas of growth.

  • Health and Well-Being

  • Effectiveness

  • Relationships

  • Life Satisfaction

We will use this data to effectively support you in framing up the need for change and understand your goals with greater clarity. Read more information about the SEI here.

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How Do We Work


2 hours

Deep Inner


Insight Based Coaching

We leverage on emotional intelligence, neuroscience, resilience, gerontology and health psychology to provide our clients with an integrated approach that addresses their human spirit.

We understand the value of powerful questions. Deep reflection raises awareness and displaces our outdated belief systems and negative patterns of behaviour. New life-affirming values, habits and emotions are formed and the healing process begins.

Your Investment: SGD289

"I was feeling very stressful, having dark thoughts crossing my mind and feeling anxious not knowing if my new business is going to be successful. One session with Juliana, and I feel the complete opposite. I feel lighter, more grounded and connected, more trusting the universe that it will all work out for the best. Every time a dark thought wants to enter my mind, it is as if small white clouds are just snapping them before they can rest in my mind. Juliana’s compassion together with the safe space she creates is key to getting to the deepest parts of my unconscious to unlock and unblock the limiting beliefs that are holding me back. Her support and understanding are crucial to go into this process with an open mind. Thank you!"

Yasmina Fadli 

CEO & Sales Strategist at Corporate Game Changers, Belgium

Your Therapeutic Coach


Juliana Johan, cHYP, CEQA


Hello! I am a gerontologist, certified EQ Assessor and intuitive therapeutic coach. I love what I do.  I listen and support you in your journey towards an exceptional life. Let me guide you to lean into your own power so that you can live everyday loving life and perform exponentially better. Read more about me here or take a one minute decision that will significantly improve your life. Book a session and see how rapidly you can transform. Let's start with a deep meaningful conversation :)  

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