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About Us

Dean and Juliana met while they were both serving in the Singapore Police Force and together, continued their further studies in the first Gerontology program in Singapore more than a decade ago. Dean went on to continue her research in areas such as nutrition, sleep and movement while Juliana pursued her interest in flow, cognition and emotions. Even though their interests are significantly varied, they realised that their interests were also very much complementary. Their experience serving palliative care patients together since 2016 has given them much insights about life. In 2017, they co-founded The Facilitators' Project which runs empowerment programs for abused and neglected children and women in shelters. In 2018, they officially registered The Affirmative People so as to provide their clients with a more holistic, integrated support. With a multidisciplinary approach, they are on a mission to make a difference in 4 main focus areas which are integral to the human spirit.

- health and well-being

- relationships

- effectiveness and high performance

- happiness and life satisfaction.


Dean Ng

Transformational Health and Award Winning WildFit® Coach

"Health is the ultimate expression of love." 

Dean Ng is on a mission to facilitate personal growth and development by raising awareness and transforming our approach towards health and aging.

She is especially passionate about nutrition, stress management, quality relationships and play/movement. She is also part of the core team of coaches at Forest School Singapore. She had served in the Singapore Police Force for 20 years and has amassed a wealth of experience including resilience building and trauma management. Her varied experiences also includes living with the Hadzas, the last hunter-gatherer tribe in Tanzania with the strongest gut microbiome in the world.

With her vast knowledge and diverse experiences, Dean dispenses up to date practical knowledge that empowers a global community of impactful achievers to experience their peak health, re-examine their purpose and create a legacy. She supports her clients through crisis and struggles to redesign life with new found zest, redefine aging, their relationship with food as well as with their body and others around them. To date, she has coached people from 10 different countries.

Dean Ng
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"I stop my cholesterol pills. The pills from my doctor is having side effect causing my 'CK' muscle enzyme to shoot up hence whole body muscle ache so I never take. My cholesterol reading now is better than when I was taking the pill. I also lost 15kg naturally following the program with Dean. My doctor commented he has never seen anyone's reading improve so fast and so drastic without medicine."


Kelvin Tan - Singapore

Juliana Johan

Juliana Johan
Possibility and High Performance Therapeutic Coach

"Humanity is about supporting others to surf possibilities in their life."

Juliana Johan is a gerontologist and a Rapid Transformational Coach for senior executives, entrepreneurs and leaders. She utilises a complete range of validated tools and assessments for individuals and teams around the world to leverage on emotional intelligence, neuroscience and resiliency. She supports them as they unearth the source of their issues, reframe limiting beliefs and strategically achieve their breakthroughs. She specialises in facilitating states of flow and purpose where you perform optimally and live everyday loving life with both, achievement and satisfaction. 

Certified EQ Assessor and Certified EQ Educator
Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer

Certified Grief Educator
Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist

Heartmath Certified Practitioner

Certified Singing Bowl Sound Healing Practitioner
BA Double Major in Sociology and Psychology with Minor in Entrepreneurship
Masters of Gerontology

"I was feeling very stressful, having dark thoughts crossing my mind and feeling anxious not knowing if my new business is going to be successful. One session with Juliana, and I feel the complete opposite. I feel lighter, more grounded and connected, more trusting the universe that it will all work out for the best. Every time a dark thought wants to enter my mind, it is as if small white clouds are just snapping them before they can rest in my mind. Juliana’s compassion together with the safe space she creates is key to getting to the deepest parts of my unconscious to unlock and unblock the limiting beliefs that are holding me back. Her support and understanding are crucial to go into this process with an open mind. Thank you!"

Yasmina Fadli 

CEO & Sales Strategist at Corporate Game Changers, Belgium


Contribution is at the core of our business and when you choose to work with us, you are giving every step of the way. With your support, we are able to create powerful impacts both locally and around the globe.

Empowering Women and Children

The Facilitators' Project


Empowering Seniors:

Surfing60s Club

We create a global community of ELDERS (Empowered Leaders Doing Everything Strategically) through personal development and tribe building initiatives. We support our ELDERS to think in possibilities, feel worthy and loved as they contribute in their unique ways.

Image by Huyen Nguyen
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