Values We Espouse

Love. Integrity. Growth. Impact.

Our Mission

We are a transformative coaching company that is on a mission to support achievers globally to be bolder, stronger, wiser and living everyday loving life. We support you on your journey to experience breakthroughs in 4 focus areas through our tools, coaching, events and adventures.

Exceptional Health and Well-Being

 Affirmative Relationships

Effectiveness, High Performance and Leadership

Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Emotional Mastery

What sets us apart are the rapid yet lasting effectiveness of our programs and our integrated approach in addressing the human spirit leveraging on emotional intelligence, neuroscience, resilience, gerontology and health psychology.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Expertise

We are here to create meaningful impactful outcomes. Amazing things happen when you combine

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Rapid Transformational Therapy | Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence | Happy For No Reason | WildFit | Gerontology

+ More than 20 Years of Collective Leadership, Resilience Building and Crisis Management

into an intense and intentional practice in your life. You get one integrated approach for deep, rapid, lasting transformation that creates measurable success.

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Love, Harmony, Resilience

Get started on how you can maintain long lasting happier relationships. Learn how to deepen your bonds with your loved ones and how you can increase your family's resilience so that you can better support one another and be supported. Work on your inner child so that you can Learn to love yourself wholeheartedly and truly start receiving and loving others. 

+ Affirmative Couples

+ Affirmative Youths

+ Affirmative Families

Trees From Above


Happiness and Life Satisfaction

Create outcomes that matter, together. We focus beyond traditional counselling and we provide you the safe space to rediscover yourself and heal. We support you as you achieve a state of Happy For No Reason. Reach a level of self mastery where you discover the message behind your emotions and learn how to navigate around the overwhelming ones with optimism and empathy.

+ Affirmative Life Review

+ Affirmative Oracle Sessions

+ Rapid Transformational Therapy

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Energy, Resilience and Recovery

Are you suffering from weight issues, poor health, chronic disease or even life threatening illnesses? We support clients through their crisis and struggles so that they can achieve breakthroughs and the desired outcomes in their health. Exceptional health requires a multi-dimensional approach and we believe in guiding you to enhance your body intuition, increasing your health literacy and resilience. Let's embark on a transformative journey of rediscovering yourself and restore your balance through impactful interventions and affirmative support. 

 + Strengths Within Inspired Stroke Survivors Program

+ Early Dementia Intervention Program

+ Cancer Support Program

+ 3 Highs Recalibration Program (High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and High Blood Sugar)

+ Weight Release Program

+ Affirmative Nutrition Program


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Effectiveness, Influence and High Performance

Are you an achiever who assess both achievement and satisfaction as equally important? Do you understand the significance of insight, self mastery and resilience? Are you facing high stress situations on a daily basis where there are high stakes involved in every decision? Work with us to powerfully redefine yourself and exponentially expand your possibilities. We support you as you exponentially enhance your self-leadership, resilience and achieve meaningful breakthroughs in your life. Define with great clarity the legacies you wish to create and take action.  

+ Affirmative Flow

Discover how you can find your flow and harness the entrepreneurial spirit to improve your performance and find your rhythm.

+ Brain Styles Assessment

Understand your brain styles; your focus, decision making and drive.  

+ Affirmative Leadership Coaching

What are the competencies that correlate with high performance? What are the strengths that you can harness and the skills you can sharpen.


Contribution is at the core of our business and when you choose to work with us, you are giving every step of the way. With your support, we are able to create powerful impacts both locally and around the globe.

Empowering Women and Children

The Facilitators' Project

We empower abused and neglected children and women in shelters with skills in self mastery, leadership and well-being. And we do it through the shared experience of elevated emotions such as joy, love and freedom. Find out more about the project here.


Empowering Seniors:

Surfing60s Club

We create a global community of ELDERS (Empowered Leaders Doing Everything Strategically) through personal development and tribe building initiatives. We support our ELDERS to think in possibilities, feel worthy and loved as they contribute in their unique ways.

Image by Huyen Nguyen

"I stop my cholesterol pills. The pills from my doctor is having side effect causing my 'CK' muscle enzyme to shoot up hence whole body muscle ache so I never take. My cholesterol reading now is better than when I was taking the pill. I also lost 15kg naturally following the program with Dean. My doctor commented he has never seen anyone's reading improve so fast and so drastic without medicine."


Kelvin Tan - Singapore

We support you as you exponentially enhance your self-leadership and achieve meaningful breakthroughs in your life. Discover how you can apply the entrepreneurial spirit to improve your performance and flow in your life. Define with great clarity the legacies you wish to create in your life.