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Hello. It is not easy to cope with Dementia and we want you to know that we are here for you. Do check out what we do and let us know how we can be of support. Hope to cross paths with you soon!

Resilient Against Dementia - I Can Always Learn (RAD-ICAL) Program

Emotional x Physical x Cognitive x Social

Radical Program

"Coaching is about holding space so that you feel safe and unjudged. A coach is there to support you so you can stretch,  grow and take consistent action.  A coach is someone who believes in your full potential and gets you there even as you feel doubtful about yourself." - Dean Ng 

RAD-ICAL is a three hour weekly empowerment coaching program conducted as 1-1 session or small group of maximum 4 people. It is meant for those with mild or early stage of dementia who wish to proactively improve their health trajectory by transforming their approach to health and well-being. What defines us is our integrated approach in addressing the human spirit leveraging on emotional intelligence, neuroscience, gerontology and health psychology.

The program is specially designed to cultivate multi-dimensional resilience and respect for clients' sense of agency. We support our clients through their crisis and struggles to do deep inner work, explore and challenge aspects of themselves. We support them as they come to terms with the diagnosis and plan for the future. We are a client centred practice and our therapeutic care plan includes the following:

  • Strength and Physical Conditioning

  • EQ Gym

  • Reminiscence and Narrative Therapy

  • Healing through Nature Immersion (Forest and Sea Adventures) 

  • NeuroMuscular Flash Reflex Training

  • Sound and Music Therapy 

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy

  • Body Intuition and Nutritional Awareness

  • Grief Education

  • Give Back Legacy Project 


Family With Dementia (FWD aka Forward) Retreat

@ParkRoyal Collection Marina Bay

Forward Retreat

“Unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system.” - Dr Bernie Siegel

Forward Retreats are designed with the principle that you have the capacity to experience both grief and happiness at the same time. These are short fun, engaging and impactful sessions. You can opt for sessions with or without accommodation.

Re-Focus Masterclass

60 minutes/session, $129/pax

An exciting play and movement session to focus the mind and energy better. Engage in brain training and experiential learning of multifaceted aspects of concentration; the cognitive, psychological, emotional, physical, lifestyle and environmental conditions. Book a session here.

Restore Masterclass

60 minutes/session, $189/pax

A restorative and calming session meant to foster self-forgiveness, gratefulness, self-love and clarity. Release any tension and reach a peaceful state. Attune yourself with your inner wisdom by learning to ask the right questions for your highest good. A dynamic and intuitive coaching process utilising oracle cards and singing bowls in a safe holding space so that you can assess where you are in life, express yourself and grow amidst adversity. Book a session here.

Forward Retreat Immersive*

A 2D1N personalised experience that includes a Lifestyle Premier Room + Breakfast + Access to Club Lounge for 2 Adults (Afternoon Tea + Evening Cocktail) + 1 Re-Focus Masterclass + 1 Restore Masterclass


*Various customised options available i.e. interest-based programs, number of pax, dates/type of room. Let's have a conversation to understand your needs better.


Affirmative Care Partners Program 

Awareness x Resilience x Support

Affirmative Care Partners Program
Copy of Dementia Program (360 × 185 px)-2.jpg

"Humanity is about supporting others to surf possibilities in their lives." -Juliana Johan

Anger. Frustration. Disbelief. Grief. Denial. Fear. Sadness. How can we effectively navigate them for better outcomes?


Learning the diagnosis can be devastating for persons with dementia and care partners. Surround yourself with emotional support at this critical time as you navigate the uncertainty of the future, stress and grief the many losses surrounding dementia. 

Gain skills in emotional intelligence to be a more effective and empowering care partner. Discover how to navigate intense emotions to better adjust to the transitions, loss of the person you once knew and prepare for the challenges that you may face. Unravel how you can proactively support your loved one to improve brain health and slow the progression of symptoms through lifestyle changes and effective interventions. Book a consult here.

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